1000m Double Pole Record

Back on May 22 many Australian cross country skiers headed to Mt Beauty for the annual 1/2 Marathon and other fun run events.  Results from the running events are available on the www.mtbeauty.com site. The day also saw the first serious attempts at the Australian 1000m Ski Erg record.

The “Ski Erg” is a double pole machine made by Concept II and has a similar flywheel set-up to the rowing machines.Standing in front of the flywheel you pull down on straps in the same manner that you would while double poling on skis, receiving feedback on the power you are generating and the virtual metres that you travel.

The big surprise for day was the whomping 3:14.2 record 1000m time set down by Andrew Kovacs. In head to head competition on three parallel Ski Ergs the big lad from Porepunkah left Australian Team members Mark van der Ploeg and Phillip Bellingham in his wake . 2010 Winter Olympian Paul Murray was the closest to Kovacs, posting the time of 3:26.2.

Kovacs’ time was only 2.7 seconds behind the world record set by Ethan Dreissigacker of the USA (as posted on the Concept II website). No doubt assisted by body weight (he weighs over 90kg), Kovacs credited his result to the rowing training that he’s been doing this year.

The fastest female time for the day was by 2010 Winter Olympian Esther Bottomley, however her time of 4:19.4 didn’t quite overcome the mark of 4:12.5 set by NSW junior Lucy Glanville at the National Junior Team testing camp back in April. Twenty-two people made an attempt at the time trial.

More National Team members will complete the 1000m time trial at the physiological testing camp at the AIS next week.


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