Race Update – Australian Pursuit/Sprint Weekend

The first National Championship and National Selection events for 2010 are scheduled at Falls Creek this long weekend, July 30 to August 1. At present there is enough snow to run the events out of the Nordic Bowl and the intention is to run all three events as planned.

The following events are scheduled:

  • Australian Open/Junior Pursuit Championship , Friday July 30
  • Victorian Sprints, Freestyle, Saturday July 31
  • Australian Team Sprint Championship, Freestyle, Sunday August 1

As a back-up if the expected rain forecast for Thursday knocks out key entry points to the Nordic Bowl, race organisers have alternative courses planned with the start relocated to the Boat Ramp / Panorama area overlooking Rocky Valley Dam. This is the area that was used for the Victorian Sprint Championship in 2003. The decision about the races courses will be made on Thursday July 29 and will be posted on the Race Noticeboard at Windy Corner.

The deadline for on-line entry and race seeding closes today and can be made here:  Link for On-Line Entry

Late entries can be made in the morning on the day of the events and also at a special information desk at Windy Corner between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Thursday July 29. SSA race licences are required and can be obtained via the SSA Website. Click on membership on the left-hand side of the main index page.

The qualification rounds for the Freestyle sprints on Saturday and Sunday are both FIS point events, and a large team from Korea is expected to compete. On Saturday the finals are in individual knockout format with 4 skiers per round, while on Sunday the finals are in team sprint format with three laps each for 2-skier teams.

For additional information please contact Finn Marsland on 0408 147940.


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