2010 Paddy Pallin Junior

The annual Paddy Pallin Junior Nordics event was held on 25 September 2010 in Perisher Valley at the Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter. Even though it was quite late in the season, having been postponed from its usual early July spot on the ski calendar, there were 24 participants.  This cross country ski event, sponsored by Paddy Pallin, is held at Perisher each year for children up to 16 years.

Siobhan Jones has participated since she was seven years old and two year Emelia Greville skied it for the first time this year – she skied a good 50 metres, with the help of Pardy!  The three Pinkas boys, Tom, Finley and Andy Jnr, participated for the first time too, following in their father’s ski strides:  Andy Snr first skied the Junior Paddy over thirty years ago!
A short track took the children through the trees on the hill above the Nordic Shelter, and with much encouragement from family and friends they sped around – the older skiers doing two or three loops and the younger ones, one loop.  After the run Andy Snr built a jump (a tradition when he was young) and the children enjoyed it so much that it was quite some time before they returned to the Nordic Shelter for the (still traditional) hot dogs and poppers.  All the children were presented with certificates, followed by the distribution of spot prizes.   The children then organised themselves into four teams for the final activity, the chocolate frog hunt, which they did on skis.  It was agreed by all that it was a great day.
Many thanks go to the sponsors, parents and friends who helped to make it such a successful event.  Thanks particularly to Paddy Pallin for providing the spot prizes, the National Parks and Wildlife Service for grooming the tracks, Lesley and Peter for accommodating us at the Nordic Shelter and Canberra Alpine Club for providing support.  We hope even more young skiers will join us for the fun next year and we’ll make sure we have a jump!

Sandra and Tony Greville
25 September 2010

Age Group Club/School Time (mins)

2-6 year olds
Emelia Greville Canberra Alpine Club 2.33
Heli Laajoki 8.19
Harriet Greville Canberra Alpine Club 4.22
Django Ramsey 5.09

7-10 year olds
Jack Ward NSW Junior Squad 9.35
Pierre Wall 5.37
Ella Burton NSW Junior Squad 6.15
Oliver Ward NSW Junior Squad 7.55
Suvi Laajoki 8.36
Finley Pinkas Cooma Club 8.02
Tom Pinkas Cooma Club 7.39
Andy Pinkas Jnr Cooma Club 7.43
Sam Whitmore Canberra Alpine Club 8.24
Jemima Greville Canberra Alpine Club 9.37
Aiden Gibbs 8.38
Lola Timewell 8.07
Dylan Vorreiter Kahene Lodge 8.33

11-12 year olds
Tim Wall 12.23
Matthew Bull NSW Junior Squad 12.22
Liam Burton NSW Junior Squad 10.57
Curtis Gibbs NSW Junior Squad 12.53

13-14 years olds
Madi Davis NSW Junior Squad 12.39
Chelsea Rae NSW Junior Squad 12.40

15-16 year olds
Siobhan Jones NSW Junior Squad 12.21


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