Update from Callum Watson

Callum Watson has been in Scandinavia for just over two weeks and is now in Gallivare ready for the opening World Cup event. He is being supported there by the British XC Ski Team.  The following is taken from Callum’s new blog:

“We are now on our way to Sweden for the first World Cup of the season, Gallivare 15km skate. Bit nervous because it will be my first race of the season so I’m not sure exactly what form I am in yet, but I am feeling great so getting quite excited!

Also check out the new Aussie suit courteous of One Way. Its a tad crazy but its growing on me!”

Callum Watson in the new Australian One Way race suit

Earlier posts from Callum and more details can be read at:

2010/2011 World Cup Season Begins

The 2010/2011 cross country skiing World Cup season begins on Saturday November 20 in Gallivare in Sweden. While twenty-one year old Callum Watson will be Australia’s sole competitor in the season opener, between now and the World Cup final in March another 7-8 Australian athletes are likely to make a World Cup appearance. Continue reading