Atomic Swiss Cup Ulrichen – 5/10km report

Only hours after the finish of the 5/10km Swiss Cup the Australians are about to head to Davos. Briefly, the race went well for everyone except Ewan Watson, who after two falls and a black eye was forced to pull out of the race. N. Grimmer raced as well as could be hoped, re-qualifying for World Cup and for the World Championships in Oslo (although the FIS points are still to be confirmed on the FIS website soon). The race was half steep hills and half double pole which suited Grimmer well.

In the girls Saarinen from Finland won easily finishing 35 odd seconds in front of second place, Serina Mischol from Switzerland. L. Grimmer was happy with her race, finishing 4 minutes behind the Finn with FIS points expected to be around 250 which are some of her best for a classic race. A. Spittle was the other Australian to race and started really well splitting equal with Grimmer after 1.5km, then only 17secs down after 3km, however she struggled a little on the last big hill to finish 5 minutes behind the Finn. Although hoping to do better later in the season she was really happy with her first weekend ever of racing in Europe.


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