Atomic Swiss Cup Ulrichen – Sprint

Ewan Watson, Nick Grimmer, Lescinska Grimmer, Aislinn Kildea and Ashleigh Spittle began their European racing season this weekend in the upper Goms Valley in the Vallis region of Switzerland. Below is a brief account of the sprint race held on Saturday 4th December.

Clear skies and cold temperatures greeted us this morning at our first race of the season, the Goms skate sprint. The race started at noon, which was a different experience for a few of us who are used to having starts earlier in the morning, but we handled the change well. First out of the gate were the girls, a total of 67 starters, 23 ladies and 44 under 20’s. Lescinska, Ash and I started closer to the back of the field, so we got to see some of the top skiers head out while we waited to start. The race had a few challenging hills and some tricky corners, but we all skied them well and are all happy to have one race under our belts. Ewan and Nick raced not long after us, mixing it up nicely with the Swiss and German men. Nick was happy with his race, and Ewan is looking to improve in the next sprint, though he also skied well. All in all it was a good day and we are all looking forward to our classic distance race tomorrow.

Very Unofficial Results – Official results available soon at

Combined Open and Junior Women

1.     Karin Camenish SUI 2:44

2.    Seraina Mischol SUI

64. Lescinska Grimmer AUS 3:15

65. Ashleigh Spittle AUS 3:17

67. Aislinn Kildea AUS 3:31

Open Men

1.     Thomas Freimuth GER 2:14

23. Nicholas Grimmer AUS 2:25

32. Ewan Watson AUS 2:31


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