La Clusaz World Cup Report

The 30km Freestyle World Cup in La Clusaz yesterday didn’t go exactly to plan for the Australian Team. With assistance from slow skis both Callum and Ewan Watson were overlapped on the short 2.5km loop. Twenty-five men were overlapped or pulled out of the race.

A dump of over a foot of snow the day before the race came too late to lengthen the course from a 2.5km loop. Despite a lot of testing the waxing team didn’t manage to deliver skis that put the boys on a level playing field. It was evident on the first downhill that it was going to be a tough day. To make it to the finish they would have needed to ski within 8.5% of the winner. More details of Callum’s race is found in his blog.

It’s always disappointing for the athletes and support staff when there’s a noticeable difference in ski speed on the race course that’s not in their favour. It’s been quite a few years since we’ve had a bungle like this. It is a definitely a wake-up call to make sure the crew is on their game for the Tour de Ski coming up at the end of the month.

There is a break now in racing in central Europe for the Australian Team, with the next events the Swiss Cup in Campra on December 28-29 and then the Tour de Ski starting on December 31.

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