Atomic Swiss Cup Campra – Race Report

Happy with the results, went out hard from the start to try to catch Grimmer then worked into the second and third laps and felt good but feel I have even more to go so am looking forward to Oberweisental – Ewan Watson

Early this morning in the trails surrounding Campra, Ewan Watson achieved a career best in his performance in the 15km skate Swiss Cup. Ewan started 30 seconds behind fellow Australian Nick Grimmer and was able to catch him by 8.5km which is no mean feat (Nick is really fast). From there Ewan exploded to put another 1.15 into Grimmer over the last 5km and achieve his best FIS points ever of 106 and finish around 8% behind the winner. Grimmer was also really happy with his race, he went out fast and felt strong all the way finishing around 13% behind the winner with 144 points.

There are two ways to look at the senior women’s event, one is the accurate way, the other is to pretend Seraina Boner did not race. If we take the latter of the options Esther Bottomley achieved a remarkable distance results finishing third, 17 seconds behind the winner and with 102 FIS points. Lescinska Grimmer felt she skied really well and was able to attack the course as did Georgia Merritt who finished just under a minute behind Lescinska. If we continue the scenario they both would have achieved the best points of the season. Back in the real world Seraina Boner (who was 26th last week in the 15km skate World Cup) won by 90 seconds, Esther was forth with 129 points and both Lescinska and Georgia were a further 90 seconds or 4% back due to Boner. Forgotten in this was Belinda Phillips who was racing her first FIS races of the season, she said she skied a solid race and all in all was happy but is excited to race next week and hopefully improve.

The Juniors girls took a big step up in todays races with both Ash Spittle and Ash Kildea achieving their best results of the season. In the 5km event Spittle finished in 25th, 3:11 behind the winner with 286 points, these are ‘ best ever distance points. Kildea finished 27th, 3:28 behind the winner and with 303 points. A bit disappointing not to crack the 300 mark however these are easily Kildea’s best points.

Philip Bellingham raced remarkably well considering he is only 4 days off the plane from America. (the North American to Europe jet lag is one of the worst). Despite this he finished 19th, 2:20 behind the winner in the 10km and gained his best ever FIS points of 155. Campra has been kind to Phil with his previous best also being on these trails last year. Rob Jones raced one of his best races finishing 36th, 3:50 behind the winner and gained 201 FIS points which is tantalising close to gaining him full qualifications for the World Junior Championships later this year.

The day before the above Australians with the exception of Lescinska raced in the sprint event. None of the guys raced that well with the best being Nick Grimmer 21 secs behind the winner, followed by Ewan Watson 23 and a bit seconds behind the winner, then Phil Bellingham 23 and a bit more behind the winner and Rob Jones 42 secs behind.

The girls did a bit better with Esther finishing third overall and qualifying third. Georgia and Belinda also made the finals finishing 14th and 15th. In the qualifying Esther was 5 secs behind the winner, followed by Ash Spittle who was 38 secs behind the winner, then Georgia who was 39 secs back, Kildea 44 secs back and Belinda who was 53 secs back.

Tomorrow Nick, Ewan and the Ash’s head to Adelboden to race for a combined total of 6000 swiss francs in a 25 second long sprint.

(Any comments about the spelling and grammer should be put in writing and sent to ‘Spelling and Grammer complaints department’, 28 George St, Wilcannia, NSW, 2836)

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