Konig Ludwig Lauf .. Feb 5 & 6

Jerry Ahrlin holds off Stanislav Rezac to win in Oberammergau

Fourteen Aussies made the trip to Oberammergau for the Konig with free technique events on Saturday and the main event in classic technique on Sunday. Main races were shortened to 42km using a two lap course.

Despite the best efforts of Jerry Ahrlin and Anders Aukland from Team XtraPersonell to break away, eight skiers remained in the lead bunch by the end of the race which saw Jerry Ahrlin (SWE) take first place by a ski tip from Stanislav Rezac (CZE) with Oskar Svärd (SWE) close behind in third place. Sandra Hansson was first woman 1.7 seconds ahead of Seraina Boner with Susanne Nyström three minutes back in third palce. More details can be found on www.fiscrosscountry.com

The 42km free event was most popular for Australian skiers with Matt De Freitis setting the pace finishing in 56th place overall and Ronice Goebel winning the D56 class. Also taking part in the 42km were Ben Barr, Keith Tuffley, Merv Trease, Greg and Jenny De Feitis, Malcom McKinnon, Marg Hayes and Bruce Wharrie, with Meg Bate and Beth Woods in the 21km.  Winner of the 42km free was Thomas Freimuth winner of the Hoppet in 2007.

Australians in Sunday’s main event were Robert Krenn and Adrian Blake, together with Bruce Wharrie, Marg Hayes, and Malcom McKinnon who must have liked the course on Saturday so much that they just had to do it again.

Better late than never .. time to mention the first Worldloppet event of the northern winter, the Jizerska 50, held at Bedrichov in the Czech Republic on 9 January. Six Australians took part, Malcom McKinnon, Marg Hayes, Bruce Wharrie, Jennie de Freitis and Greg de Freitis in the 50km and four time Worldloppet Master John Miller from Wangaratta Ski Club in the 25km.

Next weekend sees a Worldloppet double header with the Sapporo Ski Marathon in Japan and La Transjurassienne in France.


3 Responses

  1. The following Australians also took part in the 50 km event at the Jizerska 50 in Czech Rep.
    Jennie de Freitas
    Marg Hayes
    Bruce Wharrie

    • It was good to meet you & Jennie in Whitby, England after your races in Europe. I Googled and found this site, so thought I’d make contact.
      Hope the photos were OK.

  2. You forgot to mention Beth Woods and Meg Bate who also took part. They skied the shorter race.

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