Engadine Ski Marathon – 13 March

Big weekend in the Engadine Valley starting off on Friday with the night sprints in Sils.  After a sixth place in the 21km Frauenlauf last weekend, Esther Bottomley finished just off the podium in Sils with fourth place.  Laurien Van der Graaff (SUI) won the women’s sprint ahead of Celia Bourgeois (FRA) and Karin Camenisch (SUI).  The men’s sprint was won by Eligius Tambornino (SUI) with Martin Koukal (CZE) and Dietmar Nockler (ITA) taking the minor places.

On Sunday for the main race, track conditions were good with light snow falling at the start of the 43rd Engadine Ski Marathon.  Remo Fischer (SUI) dominated the event, winning by almost two and a half minutes from Italians Fabio Santus and Bruno Carrara.  Italian Antonella Confortola was first woman to cross the finish line, with Celia Bourgeois (FRA) second and Swiss Seraina Bopner third.  Esther Bottomley was the best Australian, finishing in fourteenth place in the women’s results.

A total of eleven Australians appear in the results if we include Mick Brennan, who is listed as a Brit due to his current address being in London. The others are Merv Trease, Ronice Goebel, Stephen Cimperou, Kate Langlois, Greg and Jenni de Freitis, Marg Hayes, Malcolm McKinnon, and Peter Brennan.

There is just one race to go in the FIS Marathon Cup- next week’s Birkebeinner-rennet in Norway. Fabio Santus is back on top with 493 points after second in the Engadine, followed by Jerry Ahrlin (473),  Stanislav Rezac (400) and Oskar Svard (386). It would seem that Fabio’s best chance of hanging on to his lead is for enough strong classic skiers to finish ahead of Ahrlin, and while there will be an awful lot of them at the Birkebeiner, it will a big task.

In the women’s FMC rankings, Sandra Hansson is on top with 557 points, 100 points clear of Susanne Nystrom with Italian Sabina Valbusa just 2 points further back. Even if Sandra gets no points in Norway, the worst she can expect is a tie for first place and a win on a count back as she has four first places in the series. With just two points separating second and third, the minor placings will be decided on the ski tracks between Rena and Lillehammer next weekend.

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  1. just to say.. I did the marathon too!!!!!!! 90th woman!

    • Hi Imogen, and in a time of 2:19:42. Well done. Sorry for leaving you out. You cannot search the results by nationality, so I worked my way through the results looking for the letter combination ‘aus’ to try and find Aussies. You are listed as being from Zuos so I missed you.

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