Oslo 2011: Update #6 – Team Sprint

Ben Sim and Callum Watson combined in the Team Sprint yesterday to finish 19th out of 25 teams. The guys were 10th in their semi-final and about 8 seconds faster than 10th placed New Zealand in the other semi. Both Simbo and Callum felt a lot better than they did in the 15km Classic the previous day, Simbo in particular racing very well and posting the fastest time on the third leg. Continue reading


Oslo 2011: Update #5 – 15km Classic

It was another full day for the  service team today with four men racing the 15km Classic. Waxing was a bit tricky and the general consensus was that the Aussie crew did… okay. The results were a bit lower than we hoped for. Three out of four guys had good grip (with the exception of Callum), though the skis were a tad on the slow side. It could have been worse – a few of the top favourites were waxed out of contention, including a big blowout from the Swedish team. The race was won by Matti Heikkinen of Finland, which seems to be the nation who has really jagged the wax this last couple of days. Continue reading

Oslo 2011: Images from 15km Classic

Worldloppet double weekend #3 – Finland & USA

Oskar Svard (left) wins Finlandia from Stanislav Rezac

Memo to Stanislac Rezac: Watch out for Swedes in photo finshes.  First it was Jerry Ahrlin in the Konig Ludwig Lauf, and this weekend at the Finlandia hiihto in Lahti it was Oskar Svard who held off a challenge from Stanislav to take the top spot on the podium. Continue reading