The Ski Chase is back!

Victorian Ski Chase 2012

The Victorian Ski Chase is a cross country ski racing series that incorporates pre-existing club- based citizen races and rewards participation.

Participants will need to compete in five races to be eligible for prizes. A point scoring system based on race result placing and an age handicap will be used to determine who wins the Ski Chase.

The Victorian Ski Chase is a concept based around the Sierra Ski Chase which has been successfully run in California for over fifteen years. It is a scaled-down version of the Australian Ski Chase organised by Nick Grimmer in 2009. This competition rewards dedicated skiers who compete in numerous races, and the age handicap allows those of us who are slowing down with advancing years to have a fair go.  The competition gives those who do not usually win prizes a good chance to win.

Races for 2012

Nine races held in Victoria make up the Victorian Ski Chase, with one race being for women only.  Participants must complete at least 5 races to be eligible for prizes.  The last race of the 2012 Victorian Ski Chase will be one of the Kangaroo Hoppet/ Australian Birkebeiner/ Joey Hoppet.

(Appologies to race organisers we haven’t made contact with yet.  An e-mail with will be sent very soon.  We only need race results from you.)

Sat 7 July


Birkebeiner Classic   2.5/5/10km (C) # @ Falls Creek
Sun 8 July


Ski de Femme (F) 1/2.5/5km   # (women only) Falls Creek
Sat 14 July


Snowgum Wodonga High   Plains Tour (F) 2.5/5/10km # @ Falls Creek
Sun 29 July


Bullfight Charge (F)   3.5/8km # @ LakeMtn
Sat 4 August


Hotham to Dinner Plain   (F) 12km # @ Hotham
Sun 5 August


Rocky Valley Rush   (15/7.5km) (F) # @ Falls Creek
Sat 11 August


Justoyota Stirling   Silver Hill Climb (F) 7.5km # @ Mt Stirling
Sun 12 August


Tullicoutty /St   Phillack Cup (F) 5/8km # @ Baw Baw
Sat 25 August


One of Kangaroo Hoppet (F)   42km # Falls Creek
Sat 25 August


Australian Birkebeiner   (F) 21km # Falls Creek
Sat 25 August


Joey Hoppet (F) 7km # Falls Creek
  #     Race   in Victorian Ski Chase series

@   Race in Victorian InterClub/InterGroup   series


Participants wishing to enter the Victorian Ski Chase will need to email their name, year of birth, email address and postal address to   The participant’s year of birth is necessary to determine the age handicap.

Scoring System

A.  Handicap Scoring

The winner of the Victorian Ski Chase will be decided through a point scoring system based on race result placing and an age handicapped scoring system:

(a)                Female and male scoring will be maintained separately;

(b)               Points will be awarded to skier participants in the longest distance of each event; as follows:

  • The top 30 skiers in each event will be awarded race points as follows 40 for 1st, 39 for 2nd, 38 for 3rd and so on down to 30th place;
  • Those skiers that finish outside the top 30 will receive 10 points each;
  • The skier’s age, as points, will then be added to their race points;

(c)                Those that complete a shorter distance of the same event will be added to the bottom of the longer event results list. For example if you win the 5km event and there are 28 in the 10km event you will be scored as if you finished 29th.

(d)               For the Kangaroo Hoppet/ Australian Birkebeiner/ Joey Hoppet, each distance will be scored as if it was a separate race;

(e)                If an event has separately recognised classic and freestyle (skate) technique categories, each will be awarded as if they were separate events (currently there are no events of this type in Victoria)

(f)                If four or more mixed gender races are cancelled during the season, then the Victorian Ski Chase will be cancelled.

Participants in more than five events will be awarded points for all events, to encourage participation in as many races as possible.

B.  Open Scoring

2012 will see further prizes awarded based on the total amount of race points earned by participants.  Points earned in all races count towards this total.

Points will be awarded the in the same way as for the handicap scoring, except that age points are not added and do not apply.

Within the Open Scoring there will be two female and male categories, those aged over 30 and those aged under 30.


The Victorian Ski Chase aims to award all participants that complete five races as well as the highest finishers in the Handicap, Open Categories. The scope and scale of these prizes will depend on sponsorship.


The Victorian Ski Chase’s success, in part, rest on gaining significant levels of sponsorship.  The better and more numerous the prizes the easier it will be to convince participants to sign up.  The Ski Chase offers potential sponsors the unique opportunity to have their brand exposed at 11 different races across five different venues in Victoria over a period of two months.

Please send an e-mail to the address below if you wish to sponsor the Victorian Ski Chase


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