Victorian Interclub/Intergroup Challenge

Victorian Interclub Challenge 2012

This year the competition will be open to any club or group, rather than just the VSA registered clubs.  What constitutes a group is completely open.  The only limitation is that you can only nominate one club/group on your entry form.  You may change your club/group affiliation throughout the season but points will not be redistributed retrospectively.  (For example, your points for group A will not be transferred to group B if you change allegiance part way through the season.)

This change allows school groups to participate in the competition, as well as groups of friends who may have their ski-club membership distributed across more than one club, and it also encourages participation from skiers who are not yet club members.  So start getting your teams together. Bonus points will be awarded for sufficiently creative team names (at the discretion of the organisers, bribes accepted).

Races for 2012

Seven races make up the Victorian Interclub/Intergroup series listed here.  (See the race calendar for contact details for each individual race:

****** NOTE Vic Relay Championships should be included in this table!!!   Sun 15 July, 11 AM, Falls Creek.


Sat 7 July


Birkebeiner Classic   2.5/5/10km (C) Falls Creek
Sat 14 July


Snowgum Wodonga High   Plains Tour (F) 2.5/5/10km Falls Creek
Sun 29 July


Bullfight Charge (F)   3.5/8km LakeMtn
Sat 4 August


Hotham to Dinner Plain   (F) 12km Hotham
Sun 5 August


Rocky Valley Rush   (15/7.5km) (F) Falls Creek
Sat 11 August


Justoyota Stirling   Silver Hill Climb (F) 7.5km Mt Stirling
Sun 12 August


Tullicoutty /St   Phillack Cup (F) 5/8km Baw Baw


To be eligible all participants must nominate their club/group on the entry form when they register for each race.

Scoring System

The club or group with the greatest number of participants in each event receives 10 points, the second highest number of participants 9 points and so on.  The club or group that has accumulated the greatest number of points at the end of the season is the winner.


Kevin Tory (SXCV Victorian Ski Chase Co-ordinator)  Phone: 03 9459 4209


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