Paddy Pallin Junior 2012 – Report & Results

The 2012 Paddy Pallin Junior was held at Perisher Valley last Saturday June 30. Despite the unfavourable forecast of -13º (wind-chill) with 40-50kmh winds, gusting to 80kmh, there was a large turn out of 39 skiers (certainly a record for recent years). Fortunately the weather was a little kinder than forecast and the snow was good. There were plenty of skiers in all age groups from the 3-4 years old up to 15-16 year old age group. There were a high number of entries from KAC juniors which helped boost the numbers.

Because of the weather the event was started and finished on the apron in front of the Nordic Shelter. The older skiers started first using the 2.5 k track which had been groomed with the younger skiers skiing in the more protected vicinity of the Nordic Bowl.

The event continues to be strongly supported by Paddy Pallin, with additional support from FoodWorks Supermarket Perisher, Canberra Alpine Club, New South Wales Cross Country Committee (Nordic Shelter) and National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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