Winter Hopping

Callum Watson

As Australian Winter athletes, we follow a pretty unusual trend. As soon as the weather begins to warm with the sun growing in strength, everyone prepares for the beach, sun-baking, surfing and getting a tan. We however do the complete opposite and jet ourselves to the Northern Hemisphere for another long winter. This ongoing pattern has meant that whenever it is warm, we definitely make the most of it!

For the short part of spring that was spent in Australia, I probably only enjoyed 5 days of good Australian heat. On one of these particular days, Paul Kovacs and I had just done another tough Hill Bounding Intensity sessions and were running back to his house in Porepunkah. Pk stopped to tie his shoe so I went ahead slightly and spotted a big Black snake off the side of the track. Pk then approached with interest and must have felt somewhat cheaten as…

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