Official 2012-2013 National Teams

The Ski & Snowboard Australia Cross Country Committee (SAXC) is pleased to confirm the following Cross Country Skiing National Teams for 2012-2013:

World Cup Team
Callum Watson*

Continental Cup Team
Aimee Watson
Esther Bottomley*
Alex Almoukov*
Mark van der Ploeg*
Phillip Bellingham*

National Squad
Anna Trnka
Lescinska Grimmer
Lucy Glanville
Damon Morton
Hamish Roberts
Paul Kovacs

National Junior Team
Anna Trnka
Ashleigh Spittle
Casey Wright
Lucy Glanville
Xanthea Dewez
Alasdair Tutt
Damon Morton
Hamish Roberts
Jackson Bursill
Nick Montgomery

*Athletes qualified to compete on World Cup. It should be noted that team athletes can move up to the World Cup and Continental Cup teams during the northern hemisphere winter based on results in World Cup and FIS international competition.

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