Victorian Ski Chase – Skike Prize Winner

The winner of the Vic Ski Chase grand prize of the new model V07-PLUS skikes is Lou Sanderson.  Lou’s numbers came up in the prize draw at the SXCV meeting in Melbourne last Saturday.  Lou’s skikes will be presented to her at a beginner skike session at Westerfolds Park Templestowe this Sunday afternoon at 3pm.   Come along yourself and give skiking a go (details below).

What are Skikes?

Skikes are the fun, new and highly versatile roller-blades / roller-skis.  Their pneumatic tyres and brakes allow off- and on-road roller-skiing.  They do not require special shoes and bindings.

Check out the skike equipment and videos at

For a chance to win more great prizes, make sure you sign up for the Vic Ski Chase next year.  Details will be posted on ausxc in the months leading up to the ski season.

Skike beginner session:  Come and join us at Westerfolds Park this Sunday afternoon (18 Nov) at 3 PM.  We will meet at the first car park off the Porter Street entrance.

What to bring: Helmet and gloves. Also wear socks that come up to your calves or pants that cover your calves. Knee and elbow protectors are a good idea if you have them.

Read about a beginner skiking experience at Westerfolds Park here

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