West Yellowstone Supertour – Race Report

Callum Watson and Paul Kovac commenced their racing season this weekend with a 9km skate race on Friday and a sprint prologue on Saturday in the Montana town of West Yellowstone.

The event was a USA continental cup event and was used this year as a qualifying event for US nation group starts in the Canadian World Cups.

Due to limited snow the 9km event was held instead of the originally planned 15km event. The course was a point to point along a forest road that was mainly slightly uphill. Results were as followed:

1. LIEBSCH, Matt (USA),  21:03.5
2. GELSO, Matthew (USA), 21:09.0
3. SINNOTT, Michael (USA), 21:11.9
4. BJORNSEN, Erick (USA), 21:35.5
5. DOUGHERTY, Andrew (USA), 21:36.3

29. WATSON, Callum (AUS), 22:25.5
92. KOVACS, Paul (AUS), 24:19.7

159 starters

The sprint race was run as prologue due to an lack of width in any part of the course. Results for the sprint are:

1. SCOTT, Ryan (USA), 3:00.96
2. BJORNSEN, Erik (USA), 3:03.29
3. NORRIS, David (USA), 3:03.68
4. SINNOTT, Michael (USA), 3:03.69
5. DAVIS, Skyler (USA), 3:03.97

60. WATSON, Callum (USA), 3:25.8
70. KOVACS, Paul (USA), 3:28.49

112 starters

These results are solid for the two Australians and they should be happy with their first race. The modified course which started at approx. 2200 meters above sea level and went up was unusual it say the least. Kovacs and Watson will continue to race in North America over the next 4-6 weeks.

Full Results: http://summittiming.com/races/race_results.php

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