Hotham to Dinner Plain Pub to Pub Update

An update on the 2013 Pub to Pub from race organiser Mick Sinclair (also posted on the official race website):

Greetings from a fog shrouded and damp Dinner Plain.

After 55 mm of rain over Sunday and Monday things are not what we hoped they would be at this stage of the week. First off, we would need the mother of all miraculous snowfalls Friday to run an event all the way through to Dinner Plain on Saturday – there just isn’t any snow down here. So instead we are faced with the choice between running laps (yet again) at Wire Plain or cancelling – and unfortunately cancellation is a real option. Basically the rain and warm weather have left the trails soft, wet and patchy. It’s finally cooled down and there have been a few brief snowfalls today but the damage has been done. We skied out Wonderland trail today and it is skiable though with large washouts and very narrow skiable strips and its likely to deteriorate further over the next few days. The ski back up and over Christmas Hills from Telemark is actually pretty good, but whichever way you descend back to Wire Plain you’re faced with bare patches to negotiate. Past Wire Plain is pretty much out of the question I fear. Slatys is generally in fair shape though thin in spots. Just in case I haven’t depressed you enough yet we would have to move the start a bit further down past The General at present and I’m told even the normally reliable run down past the poo farm has its issues – will check that out tomorrow. Noel managed a skidoo groom this morning but there’s no guarantee further grooming can be done without more snow.

The only upside is that the chance of snow Friday into Saturday seems to be firming up and we are at least looking at the possibility of some overnight freezes in the next few days. At this stage although the options are very limited we HOPE to still be able to put on some sort of event on Saturday, particularly as there a number of people who will already be on the mountain (our crew included). If we can put something on and you can come and join us you may want to treat it as a tour with a competitive side to it rather than a real race.

I’ll get some photos up on the website by Wed evening to give you an idea of the range of trail conditions we’re facing. Will do a further web and email update Thurs evening by which stage we should be able to make a final call on whether we are likely to be able to go ahead. And if you’re thinking of joining us please take the time to enter on-line – it won’t cost you anything and it does make it easier for us on the day.

Sorry I can’t be more positive or decisive but such is the nature of this winter.




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