Vic Ski Chase update – Bullfight Charge

The Bullfight charge was the second event to be held in the Victorian Ski Chase.  Not surprisingly, the only skier to compete in both events (Kevin Tory) now holds a handy lead in the men’s competition.  A great ski by Bruce Ellis sees him jump straight to second place.  In the women’s competition Penny Grose is the only registered newcomer, and she jumps to fourth place with a second place finish.

Check out these links for the latest results.  WomensSkiChaseResults 5 Aug 2013  MensSkiChaseResults5 Aug 2013  (The results include people who have registered but are yet to participate in an event.)

A reminder that everyone who registers and participates in at least one event receives a chance to win a pair of skikes from our sponsors Skike Australia, and all entrants 25 and under are also eligible for a chance to win prize money.  See competition details at

We still have fewer than 10 male and female participants with ski chase points who are eligible for the cash prize (25 and under).  So if you have competed in either event we encourage you to register and get your name included in the prize draw.


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