Vic Ski Chase update – High Plains Tour results

Apologies for the delay.  Due to technical issues the results from the first Vic Ski Chase failed to load.  Here is the report that should have appeared:

The first event of the Victorian Ski chase to be held this year was the Snowgum Wodonga high Plains Tour.  A good turn-out in great skiing weather (despite the threat of rain) saw some great racing and some familiar names appearing at the top of the leader board.

In the women’s competition Kerryn Rim had a solid start 10 points clear of second place Emma Pollard, with Belinda Phillips two points behind her in third place.   In the men’s competition, a big win by Ben Derrick combined with his no longer insignificant age points sees him take a substantial lead.  A very honourable mention goes to J-C Legras who put in an incredible ski to take second place, a few points clear of third place Ian Franzke.  With only three points separating third and eighth place we can look forward to changes in the top three positions in the coming weeks.  In both the mens and womens competition we could see changes in these places as more people register for the competition.

Interim results Women: WomensSkiChaseResults 15 July

Interim results Men: MensSkiChaseResults 15 July

A reminder that everyone who registers receives a chance to win a pair of skikes from our sponsors Skike Australia, and all entrants 25 and under are also eligible for a chance to win prize money.  See competition details at

At present we only have six males and two females eligible for the prize money.  As the top ten male and female point scorers go into the draw for a $600 prize, the odds are looking pretty good for these entrants.  You’ve got to be in it to win it, so register here at


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