KAC and Boonoona Open – The Inside Report

The 2013 NSW Race Week is in full swing, with the Boonoona Open, NS Night Relays, KAC and Sundeck Cup already held (just to name a selection). Our on the spot reporter gives some insight into the racing shenanigans in the NSW snowfields… – UPDATED – link to KAC Results Page

The KAC Cross Country Classic, Perisher to Charlotte Pass, August 7
Well in the KAC a pack of about 4 or 5 led out up the Perisher gap with Darlo [Chris Darlington] the Western Australian setting the pace into the wind ahead of Alex [Almoukov]. Alex and Darlo broke away just before the gap and then half way to Charlotte Pass Alex took the lead to give Darlo’s surfing legs a break. Then Darlo used Alex the rest of the way home before Alex smashed Darlo in the sprint finish. In the womens, Brooke Darlo {Darlington] finished ahead of Lucy [Glanville] and skied most of the race with the junior men and also old Perisher skiing super star Mike Brennan, who raced the KAC for the first time in 14 years.

Men – 1st Alex Almoukov, 2nd Chris Darlington, 3rd Daniel Walker
Women – 1st Brooke Darlington, 2nd Lucy Glanville, 3rd Sarah Slattery
In the classic [same race in classic style] – Coach Ben [Grasseschi, USA] won. Camille [Melvey] won the ladies I think.
Some of the most impressive things of the day were that there were a good few people racing who were over 80 and 85 years of age. Also Sarah Forsdyke raced only 5.5 weeks after giving birth and took out her age group in the classic. This was the first good weather KAC in a long time and all of the competitors were so happy to be out skiing in the sun with a good cover of snow and not too much wind.
Boonoona Open, Perisher, August 5
In the Boonoona most of the juniors and also Darlo [see above], Simbo [ Ben Sim], Jackson [Bursill], Brooke [ Darlington], Lucy [Glanville] etc did the classic. Jackson went out like the clappers and put old Simbo and Darlo in the hurt box for the first couple of kms. Then Darlo and Simbo went by. Soon after that Jackson broke a pole. Simbo definitely had it over Darlo but they just skied together and it was like the old days for them. Simbo beat Darlo at the line and it’s probably not the first time that has happened. Daniel [Walker] finished 3rd. Brooke won the womens ahead of Lucy. In the skate Liam Burton won. Not sure who won the womens.
More reports and possibly some results will hopefully surface in the coming days.

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