Junior/U23 Camp Report – Part 2


After the completion of the testing (see Junior/U23 Camp Report – Part 1) the team headed down to Thredbo for some distance days in Kosciuszko National Park.

The main adventure was a hike/ski from Thredbo village to Mt Kosciuszko. It began with everyone strapping their skis to their backpacks and the long slow walk from Thredbo Village to the top of the resort.


Once at the top the snow seemed patchy and a bit difficult to ski on, nonetheless we put on our skis and headed out into the park. We were soon glad we had our skis as not long after we crossed the first ridge to our left we found there was plenty of good skiable snow as far as we could see. (can you spot Damon Morton in the picture below)


We could also see Mt Kosciuszko in the distance and we set the summit as our goal for the session.



Along the way we could not help but take some side trips so as to take advantage of some fun downhills and neat views.



We reached the bottom of the final climb three hours after leaving Thredbo and although there were some tied bodies there was no turning back.


Mt Kosciusko is the highest mountain in Australia and for almost all the athletes this was their first time on the summit.


After a quick snack and some photos we headed back to Thredbo to soak our tied legs in the creek and re-fuel for the next day.

The next day in comparison was not as exciting, we ran for one and a half hours from Dead Horse Gap through some amazing country and fantastic views of where we skied the day before.

The entire camp was a great a success with everyone having an amazing time. A special thank=you must go to Tom and Alina in Canberra and Geraldine Blanch in Thredbo who very generously opened their house up for us to stay.




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