Winging it!

The 1st Month

Phillip Bellingham Aussie XC Skier

The first month has gone pretty quickly and as always plenty of training, feasting  and faffing has been done! I arrived on the 18th of October to Falun, Sweden. Cal and I were staying with Maria Grafnings who came out to Aus last year and we had arranged to train with the Uni ski team here in Falun. Training in Falun was awesome, the weather was great and the lads in Falun were good to work in with. They were a fair step above us but that was good to work us hard a bit!

Da boiceRoller ski

After a few solid weeks or training in Falun we headed north and further into the cold and darkness for some races in Bruksvallarna. There was minimal snow to begin with and unfortunately after some rain we were reduced to just the 5km race loop on man made snow. The Races went pretty darn well…

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The Adventure Begins

Half an Adventure

Greetings, dear reader, and welcome to Half an Adventure, my blog for my European ski travels. While I am over here in Europe I will try to post every few days and keep people up to date with self-absorbed, culturally informed, and grammatically accurate posts (at least, I hope). I am writing this as I battle jet-lag with the help of a computer screen and caffeine. It is cold and clear and snowy outside in Seefeld, Austria. But first, an outline:

I am in Europe for 92 days, which will be roughly two weeks in Austria, two weeks in Italy for the World University Games, 4 weeks in Sweden, one week back in Austria, one week back in Italy for the World Under 23 Championships, then a three week training camp with a local ski team in Germany. I think the weeks add up but never mind…

Any trip like…

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XC Towards 2014 raises over $25,000

With the 2013/2014 international racing season already underway in Europe Ski & Snowboard Australia are pleased to report that the XC Towards 2014 project has exceeded its fundraising targets for the year. XC Towards 2014 banked around $26,500 this year, more than double than has been raised in any other year. The main beneficiaries of this fundraising effort are Australian athletes, with all money raised going towards international competition and training expenses.


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The frozen Alaskan wrap up.

Paul Kovacs. Elite Cross-Country Skier

If America was a fridge, Alaska would be the freezer with an ice cube dispenser…

Perhaps that’s why the freezer is always on top of the fridge? A tribute to Alaska being on top, freezing away, filled with weird frozen things that have probably been in there a little too long… Not sure if I’m talking about the freezer or Alaska now…. So how’s the training been you ask? Well the first week was warm (warm like a fridge) and there wasn’t much snow around. We would roller ski in Anchorage or drive an hour up to Hatchers pass for skiing. This first week of training was tough and I felt I was really a step behind a lot of the other men on the APU team.

Then the freezer got going and overnight Alaska was turned into an icy winter wonderland. Up high 3 and a half feet of…

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2 down… and ready for more!

Aimee Watson

19th November

I’ve got the first 2 races under my belt… phew! And WOW those were probably the biggest FIS races I have ever seen. There were more than 500 athletes racing over the entire weekend with 200 women racing in the 5km classic and 160 in the 10km freestyle. It was almost like a World Cup except a larger range of skiing abilities and not every World Cup nation was represented.

I’m fairly happy with how everything went. Having the 5km classic race as the first race was a good warm up in terms race day logistics –  getting the grip sorted and warming up at the same time. I am happy to say that I think I nailed the grip… the skis felt nice and fast but I only slipped a few times in the whole race. It was on my favourite wax too (for those of you…

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Hello from Lapland!

Aimee Watson

15 November 2013

So it has been just a week since I arrived in Finland and I am starting to get over the jet lag. As per usual I left packing to the last minute. Packing is something that I have actually grown to hate. For the last 10 years or so I have always been between 2 or 3 places so you

would think I would have become accustomed to the routine but instead I have become hate it more and more.  The trip went so smoothly that I was half expecting my ski bag not to turn up. But all my bags were waiting for me!

I was very sad to say goodbye to my dog Kikka. She recently had surgery on her eyes so I felt even more guilty to be leaving her. I will be super excited to see her when I get back.

After flying…

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Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase Prize Draw 2013

On Saturday 9 November the Vic Ski Chase prizes were drawn at the SXCV Annual General Meeting, under the supervision of the SXCV committee and other meeting attendees.

We had three very deserving winners. 

The winner of the grand prize, a pair of VO7 PLUS Skikes donated by Skike Australia ( was Michal Trnka.  Happy Skiking Michal.

Our two winners of the $600 cash prizes, randomly drawn among the top 10 male and female point scorers aged 25 and under, were Aliena Oldis and Will Middlemiss.  Both Aliena and Will have recently joined the Victorian XC junior squad.  The Vic Ski Chase organisers wish them both all the best with their skiing endeavours.

A special thankyou goes out to the very generous anonymous donors who made the prize possible. 

Thanks also to Skike Australia for sponsoring this event for another year.

<a Skike V07 PLUS

California Wrap

I prefer a California Roll.

Paul Kovacs. Elite Cross-Country Skier

So my time here in California has come to an end. I have been in Alaska for almost a week, but I thought I’d wind back the clocks and write a bit on my last few weeks in California

I arrived on the 7th of October and straight away hit the training pretty solidly. In hindsight a little too hard because by Friday, I was feeling pretty beat up and pushed my rest day forward and just took the day off. Frustratingly the next few days I had off, just feeling pretty average. After a few days I was feeling all right and so hit the training again for a while which was great. Doing nothing I find super hard, so I was extremely happy to be able to get out into the amazing Californian weather and train again.

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