Ostersund FIS Team Sportia Cup 5km Cl, Scandic Cup 15km F – Race Report

Anna Trnka finished 14th in the 5km Classic leg of the Team Sportia Cup whilst Alasdair Tutt finished 105th in the competitive open male class of the Scandic Cup.

Trnka finished 1:35 behind winner Anna Dyvik from the Falun Borlange Club SK or in other terms 11.12% behind the winner. Anna’s first lap was solid however she tired on the seond lap and dropped back three places. Luckily the prizes went to 15th place and she is now a 300SEK gift cretificate richer.

For Alasdair this was his first 15km race in Europe, it was held on a tough 3.75km loop. Alasdair paced the race well with his second, third and forth laps all being approximately the same time and at the conclusion of the race he was happy with how he skied. His end result was 9:50 or 27% behind winner, World Cup Champion and owner of our current accommodation Anders Sodergren.

Anna and Alasdair will stay in Ostersund at Camp Sodergren for the next six weeks as they train for the World Junior/U23 Championships. Anna’s next race will be a junior only sprint race in Jarpen next Saturday whilst Alasdair will race again in Thursday week in Ostersund in a 10km skate mass start. The next major event for these athletes will be the Scandanavian Cup in Skelleftea on the 4/5 Januray.

Team Sportia Cup 5km Classic, 19-20 Female Results

1. Anna Dyvik, SWE, 15:36.8
2. Jonna Sundling, SWE, 15:52.4
3. Helena Lundkvist, SWE, 16:04.0
4. Maja Dahlqvist, SWE, 16:05.8
5. Line Sundsvik, SWE, 16:31.4

14. Anna Trnka, AUS, 17:11.8

46 starters

Scandic Cup 15km Skate, Open Men Results

1. Anders Sodergren, SWE, 36:04.6
2. Martin Johansson, SWE, 36:09.3
3. Gustav Eriksson, SWE, 36:22.9
4. Jorgen Brink, SWE, 36:32.9
5. Emil Jonsson, SWE, 36:33.0

105. Alasdair Tutt, AUS, 45:54.7

109 startersImageAnna Trnka racing in the sprint race in the Ostersund FIS Team Sportiva CupImageAlasdair Tutt moments before his fall in the sprint (the trail drops straight down whilst doing a 120 degree turn into the stadium). Note the nicely repositioned Falls Creek logo on the suit.ImageAlasdair Tutt racing in the 15km FIS Scandic Cup event in Ostersund


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