Jarpen Sprint – Anna Trnka Second

Anna Trnka finished second in the Jarpen sprint behind Swedish Junior Team athlete Hedda Bångman. The Jarpen sprint was organised by the Jarpen/Are Ski Gymnasium and held at its doorstep. The course was a 1km mainly flat loop with one steep up and down in the middle. The race was held in the dark with the trails being lit by a mix of street lamp light and candle light. Anna raced OK in the qualifying finishing third in the 19-20 years age group, ten second behind the leader and eventual leader Hedda Bångman. The following is an excerpt from Anna describing the final race:

“I started off well but stumbled and dropped back into third, following the lead two down the final hill I managed to sneak into second place after the first two had a slight tangle and finished strongly to hold my position”

Anna is training in Östersund with fellow AustralIan Alasdair Tutt who was unable to race in Jarpen as it was a race exclusively for juniors. This worked out well for the team as the dinner Alasdair had prepared for our return was delicious.


The Junior Girls podium at the Jarpen Sprint: Anna Trnka, Hedda Bångmann, Ida Jonsson 


Team manager Lescinska Grimmer on the course next to one of the trail side candles.


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  1. Very proud of you, Anna.
    The Colebourns.

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