Daniel Karlssons Minne – Race Report

The Daniel Karlssons Minne is a 5/7.5km mass start skate race held in Ostersund on the 28th of December. Casey Wright finished third in the 19-20 age class. This was Casey’s first race in Sweden and was a solid effort as she finished only 19.9 second behind the winner. In the open female class Ash Spittle finished 8th and Ellie Phillips 9th. In the men’s event Jackson Bursill finished in 12th, Nick Montgomery 13th and Alasdair Tutt in 15th. ImageNext weekend Alasdair, Jackson, Ash and Ellie will travel to Skelleftea to compete in the Swedish leg of the Scandinavian Cup.

Daniel Karlssons Minne Results

19-20 Female.

1. Frida Gustavsson SWE 14:47.3
2. Isabelle Persson SWE 15:03.1
3. Casey Wright AUS 15:07.2

Open Female

1. Johanna Meyer SWE 13:23.3
2. Frida Hallquist SWE 14:19.9
3. Marit Robertsen NOR 14:26.3

8. Ashleigh Spittle AUS 16:21.0
9. Ellie Phillips AUS 16:24.9

Open Male

1. Rasmus Hornfeldt SWE 18:24.52. Jonatan Thoresson SWE 18:26.3
3. Hampus Lindblom SWE 18:55.1

12. Jackson Bursill AUS 20:32.7
13. Nick Montgomery AUS 20:42.5
15. Alasdair Tutt AUS 21:48.5



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