Sweden Redeems Itself

Half an Adventure

So I know my last post was pretty negative, and it may have sounded like I was having a whinge about being in everyone’s favourite country. Truth is, Ostersund without snow in the middle of winter is kind of depressing, as much of the beauty of the town at this time is bound up in the snow itself, rather than the physical landscape. More on that later. But first:


I’m almost at the end of a one month training block, which means I haven’t had much racing over here, except a fun race which is coming up tomorrow morning in a nearby town. My training has been pretty gruelling, with lots of gym sessions, distance skis of up to 4.5 hours, where I cover well over 45km, and interval sessions that make me want to vomit at times. Examples of interval sessions are:

30 seconds of hard skiing, 30…

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