Phil Bellingham of Mount Beauty qualified 16th at the World U23 Championships in Val di Fiemme on the 29 January, qualifying in the top 30 meant that Phil progressed through to the knock out finals, a first for an Australian at this level. The event was a skate sprint and the format includes a individual qualifying time trial from which the top 30 placed athletes qualify for the final head to head rounds. Phil went into the race ranked 21st but skied an excellent time trial to qualify 16th out of 77. He started strong and looked very comfortable as he settled into third place up the first big hill, as he rounded over the top of the hill he tangled with another skier and unfortunately broke a pole and finished 6th in his heat. Although not the most preferable outcome to racing in the finals it was still an exciting experience and hopefully one of many finals experiences Phil will have in his skiing career.

Also in the race were Alasdair Tutt, Jackson Bursill and Nick Montgomery who were racing at their first U23 World Championships. Alasdair Tutt had the best race of the three to finish 27 seconds behind the winner. This was a great result for Alasdair who has been struggling to find good sprinting form this season. Jackson and Nick both were happy with their sprint result and are looking forward to the distances races that begin tomorrow.


1. Serget Ustiugov RUS 3:00.50
2. Sondre Turvoll NOR 3:02.13
3. Roman Tarasov RUS 3:02.66

16. Phil Bellingham AUS 3:08.05
22: Andrew Young GBR 3:08.99
25. Erik Bjornson USA 3:08.96
29. Tyler Kornfield USA 3:10.35
33. Ben Saxton USA 3:10.88
39 Andy Shields CAN 3:13.05
48. Ben Lustgarten USA 3:15.82
50. Patrick Stewart-Jones CAN 3:15.94
53. Sebastien Townsend CAN3:16.98
64. Callum Smith GBR 3:19.85
74. Alasdair Tutt AUS 3:28.44
76. Jackson Bursill AUS 3:33.01
77. Nick Montgomery AUS 3:34.75

77 starters


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