Phil Bellingham 44th in World U23s, Bursill 78th, Monty 79th, Tutt 80th.

Phil Bellingham finished 44th in a field of 80 racers in the 15km classic at the World U23 Championships. Phil skied very well to finish 3:45 behind Iivo Niskanan from Finland. This result is by far Phil’s best distance result at a World U23 Championships, last year Phil was 73rd out of 83. Phil was very happy to finish close to the top half of the field and be so close to the the leader on a tough course.

Jackson Bursill was the next highest placed Australian in 78th. Jackson paced the race well and come home strong to finish approximately 23% behind the winner. Nick Montgomery started strong and was feeling good after the first lap however some trouble with his breathing during the second lap. The strong mental side of Nick’s racing ability shone through and despite a 30 second stop to compose himself NIck skied the rest of the race well. Alasdair Tutt skied technically well throughout the entire race and finished one place behind Nick in 80th place.

For Phil, Jackson and Alasdair this was their last event at U23 World Championships whilst Nick Montgomery will race the 30km Pursuit on Saturday.


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