Saturday Morning Netball

Ash Spittle

In my primary school years, on a normal Saturday morning, I, along with hundreds of other kids, would head down the Macleod Leisure Centre for my weekly netball match. The age groups ranged from the kids who were so small they needed the lower ring, all the way up to open by the afternoon. When we rocked up to the Offerdals classic race (a few weeks ago now) Jackson commented that it was just like Saturday morning netball in Australia, the most accurate race description I can give.

The age groups ranged from under 8, who did an 800 metre course, all the way through to under sixteen with separate races for every year of birth. On top of that there was under 18’s, under 20, and open races reaching 6km for women and 9km for men. We went into the races knowing that, particularly for the girls, there were not…

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