Climbing an Enormous Mountain (U23 Champs race report)

Half an Adventure

When I tell the uninitiated that I do cross country skiing, I get two general responses. The first is ‘is that the one with the guns’ (answer: no it isn’t) and the second is, ‘wow, that’s the one where you ski uphill yeah? That must be so difficult!’ (answer: sort of). There’s no question that my sport is a difficult one, and it is true that most of our effort is devoted to going uphill, or in the case of this past week’s races, climbing an enormous mountain. Not only does the sport involve elevation gains during a race that can be enough to make you cry, but striving to get to the level you want to be involves years of hard slog, much like the ascent of an Alpine or Himalayan peak. This past week has taught me that I’m nowhere near the top of my enormous mountain, but…

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