Nick Montgomery only AUS starter and 61st in World U23 Skiathlon

Nick Montgomery achieved his best result of the championships by finishing 61st in the 30km Skiathlon at the World U23 Championships.

The 30km event was the longest FIS race Nick had ever started. With the organisers deciding to use a 2.5km loop it was also the most laps Nick had ever done in a race. The downside to small laps is that if you are lapped by the leaders you are unable to finish the race. For Nick this meant skiing within 8% or within around 6.5 minutes of the leaders, a very tough ask. Nick’s aim was to get to the half way point before being overtaken.

Nick had a fantastic start cresting the top of the first hill in contact with the leaders and in front of a quarter of the field. The field slowly spread out but Nick kept a good pace never loosing too much time. At the end of the first lap Nick was within a minute of the leaders and on pace to make it to the half way point. Nick continued to ski strong keeping a good pace against the leaders and thus managed to complete the full 15km classic or six of the twelve laps. Even though Nick was unable to finish the race he was still give a placing which was 61 out of 71 starters, a fantastic effort.


1. Adrien Backsheider FRA 1:24:27.9
2. Damien Tarantola FRA 1:24:28.0
3. Daniel Stock NOR 1:24:34.2

61. Nick Montgomery AUS lpd

71 starters.


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