Great results by Junior/U23 Team in Sweden and Germany

As the Olympics come to a close the junior/U23 team is wrapping up their European racing season with successful racing in Sweden and Germany. Anna Trnka, Casey Wright and Ashleigh Spittle achieved top Tjejvasa results in Sweden whilst Nick Montgomery achieved a career best classic result in an OPA Cup in Oberwiesenthal, Germany.

The Tjejvasa is a 30km classic female only event between the town of Oxberg and Mora in Sweden. It is a part of Sweden’s Vasaloppet week with the name translating to ‘girls vasa’. It is easily the most popular female only event in the world with 10,000 competitors entering and is held on the last 30km of the 90km Vasaloppet course.

Anna and Casey finished 65th and 66th respectively whilst Ashleigh Spittle finished 154th. These are fantastic results especially as none of them were seeded in the elite start group. The girls raced without coaching support and it was fantastic to see the cooperation between these girls as they worked together to put themselves in a position to achieve such a high level performance.

Casey and Ash are now on a plane back to Australia whilst Anna will be joined by Alasdair Tutt in the 45km Half vasa on Tuesday.

Meanwhile in Oberweisenthal Germany Nick Montgomery achieved his best results in an international classic race finishing 56th with 188 FIS points in the 15km classic OPA Cup. Nick has raced OPA cup previously however this was his first in the senior age classes.

Nick has been training in Oberstdorf Germany with a local German ski club/school. It was with this team that he travelled to the OPA Cup. Having raced in Oberweisenthal twice last year Nick was familiar with the trails and was able to race solidly achieving his best FIS points in an international classic race.

Nick will now return to Australia after having completed a long and successful season in Europe.

Results: Tjejvasa

1.       Sofia Bleckur, SWE, 1:22:30

2.       Britta Johansson Norgren, SWE, 1:22:31

3.       Annika Lofstrom, SWE, 1:24:20

4.       Laila Kveli, NOR, 1:24:21

5.       Kristina Roberto, SWE, 1:24:21

65. Anna Trnka, AUS, 1:36:42
66. Casey Wright, AUS, 1:37:12
154. Ashleigh Spittle, AUS, 1:45:20

Up to 10,000 starters

Results: Oberweisenthal OPA Cup – 15km Classic

1.       Florian Notz, GER, 37:19.7

2.       Bastien Poittier, FRA, 37:33.7

3.       Maicol Rastelli, ITA, 37:40.2

4.       Andy Kuehne, GER, 37:42.2

5.       Lucas Boegl, GER, 37:50.8

56. Nick Montgomery, AUS, 45:13.6

57 starters

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