SSA Futures in Sydney

Ski and Snowboard Australia, in conjunction with NSW Cross Country and NSW Biathlon Association, hosted an SSA Futures camp in Sydney over the weekend with over 40 athletes attending.

The athletes were treated to some high level coaching, with Cross Country World Juniors Coach Nick Grimmer, Biathlon National Team coach Nick Almoukov, NSW XC State Coach Alasdair Tutt, XC Olympian Ben Sim, Olympic Biathletes Alex Almoukov and Lucy Glanville and Biathlon National Team member Daniel Walker all helping.

The Camp was held on Day 1 at Oatley Park in Sydney’s south where the athletes skied among the Sydney red gums overlooking the water on what is a somewhat difficult circuit that involves hills and usually some spills, with NSWXC Junior Matthew Bull having one quite spectacular fall! Sport psychologist Alice Williams talked to the athletes about mental toughness over lunch. Day 2 was held at The King’s School, with use made of their superb facilities, including their Sports Centre and kilometres of asphalt that wind their way through the school grounds. Many thanks to The King’s School for hosting the day and providing a much needed sausage sizzle at lunchtime. It was a great learning experience for the young athletes and many thanks for all involved for putting together a really fun event.

SSA Futures Sydney

SSA Futures Sydney

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