Athletes Add Some X-Factor to SSA Cross Country Committee

The Ski & Snowboard Australia Cross Country Committee (SAXC) welcomed some fresh, new talent into its line up at the recent Autumn meeting in Mt Beauty, with Ashleigh Spittle and Paul Kovacs joining SAXC as Athlete Representatives.

The Athlete Representative appointments now completes the expertise-based SAXC committee, which was formed in late 2013 following an extensive internal review.

SAXC May2014

SAXC Committee inspired by the Autumn splendour of Mt Beauty: Back L-R: Michelle Armstrong; Finn Marsland; Paul Kovacs; Ben Derrick; Peter Cunningham; Front L-R: Allison McArdle; Ashleigh Spittle; Ronice Goebel; Peter Ward (NSWXC Chair, invited guest). SAXC Committee members absent: Toni Hulme; Anthony Evans; Chris Darlington, Andrew Walker.

SAXC Chair, Peter Cunningham, explained that the athlete representative role adds an exciting dimension to the committee structure.

“Ashleigh and Paul are highly respected athletes with strong communication skills and connections to the ski community, particularly at the pointy end. They will bring important insights from an athlete’s perspective to committee discussion, decisions and future direction,” he said.

In keeping with the season’s image as the time when things ripen and come to fruition, the SAXC Autumn meeting delivered a range of ‘big picture’ outcomes. Over the past few months the sub committees have been busy creating new strategies in areas of High Performance; Sponsorship/Fundraising and Media/Communications, as well continuing to refine best practice in areas of Athlete Development; Coaching; Events and Technical resources.

The process is ongoing and whilst the strategic direction will be driven by SAXC as the national organisation, all levels of the sport will be engaged in the implementation.

Peter Cunningham explained that the timing for Cross Country Ski in Australia couldn’t be better, with recent coverage at the Sochi Olympics coupled with the current health and fitness boom.

“We are well positioned to capitalise on these opportunities, focusing on long term performance goals and strategies to ensure cross country skiing is a dynamic, successful and sustainable sport in Australia and on the international stage, for years to come. To achieve this vision we need the support of a vibrant Cross Country Ski community, so that together we can take our sport to the next level.

“Watch this space for how we plan to share the XC love and how you can help!”

The full committee with their portfolios of responsibility are listed here on the SSA website.


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