Paddy Pallin Junior Report & Images

Thirty nine brave junior cross country skiers braved the wild and wintery weather to participate in the Paddy Pallin Juniors at Perisher on Saturday 28 June 2014. The snow was plentiful and so were the smiles, even with near blizzard conditions roaring across the ski tracks. Participants ranged in age from 5 to 15 years, with skiers competing over varying distances from 200 metres to two kilometres with multiple laps of the sprint loop at the Perisher Cross Country Ski Centre. The focus of the Paddy Pallin Juniors is to promote participation in cross country skiing and therefore skiers are only awarded their time taken to complete the course, rather than given a placing.


The traditional lunch of hot dogs, poppers and fruit was enjoyed by all competitors and helpers post event at the Nordic Shelter, followed by the presentation of certificates and spot prizes, which were generously donated by Paddy Pallin. For the final event of the day, the children were organised into teams of varying ages for the jelly snake hunt on skis, with the winning team coming away with a grand total of over 40 jelly snakes to share amongst themselves!

The Paddy Pallin Junior organisers extend many thanks to the sponsors, parents and friends who helped make it such a successful and enjoyable day. Special thanks to Paddy Pallin for providing the great spot prizes, hotdogs, drinks and jelly snakes, Perisher Supermarket for providing the bread rolls, Wiffens Canberra for the fruit, Leslie and Peter for accommodating the event at the Nordic Shelter and all of the helpers who assisted with many tasks to ensure the event occurred.

Times achieved by Participants:

Age Group/Name Club/Team/School Time (mins)
4-6 years ~200m
Flynn Niven Jindabyne Central 1.42
Emelia Greville CAC/St Pats Cooma 3.17
7-9 years 500m
Zana Evans Cooma SC/Jindy Juniors/ Jindabyne CS 2.56
Abbey Evans Cooma SC /Jindy Juniors/ JCS 3.35
Harriet Greville CAC/Jindy Juniors/St Pats Cooma 4.03
Daniel Groves KAC/Knox Grammar 4.19
Alex Brown KAC/Glenmore Public 4.46
Lottie Walker-Broose Jindy Juniors/St Pats Cooma 4.57
Angus Orton KAC/Singleton Public 5.47
10-12 years 1km
Declan Burke NSW Team/Jindy Juniors/JCS 4.22
Meg Watkins NSW Squad/St Katherine’s 4.33
Lola Timewell NSW Squad/Jindy Juniors/SMGS 4.46
Bentley Walker-Broose Jindy Juniors/SMGS 5.52
Olivia Burke Jindy Juniors/Jindabyne 6.26
Georgie Hawkins NSW Squad 6.45
Jack Hislop KAC/Monavale Public 7.06
Jack Drummond KAC/Scots 7.35
Hamish Greenwood Jindy Juniors/JCS 7.40
Amelia King KAC/Wenona 7.49
Spencer Walker-Broose St Pats Cooma 8.23
Tess Orton KAC/Singleton Public 8.32
William Brown KAC/Cranbrook 8.33
Madeleine Croker KAC/Manly West 8.34
Matthew Grafen NSW Squad/Scots 8.51
Ben Krelle KAC/Knox 9.03
Maria Tarasyuk Jindy Juniors/St Pats Cooma 9.54
Charlotte Krelle KAC/Pymble Ladies College 10.07
13-14 years 2km
Sophie Nicholl Jindy Juniors/SMGS 11.06
Kai Mather KAC/Knox 11.16
Tom Hislop KAC/Shore 12.12
James Croker KAC/Shore 13.47
Alex King KAC/Sydney Grammar 14.40
Francis Brown KAC/Sydney Grammar 15.31
Campbell Orton KAC/Joeys 17.04
15-16 years 2km
Matthew Bull NSW Team/Trinity 8.02
Will Hislop KAC/St Andrews 8.39
Tom Orton KAC/Joeys 14.26


Report and images supplied by Tim Greville.


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