Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase Race 2 results

On Saturday 12th July the second of the Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase events, the Snow, Trek & Travel High Plains Tour, took place.  Many thanks to the Howmans Gap Allstars for another great and challenging event. 

Under a mix of sun, cloud and falling snow, the trail was glazed and fast in places and remained soft elsewhere.  The course had a great mix of terrain, including a climb up Aitkens that burned the lungs and set the heart pounding, which was fortunately followed by a good rest on the McKay Road descent, and later some challenging high speed corners.

The interim results can be found here: SkiChaseResultsMenRace2 SkiChaseResultsWomenRace2

In the women’s competition Anna Trnka is holding on to First place, but she needs to watch out for Ronice Goebel who jumped from 5th to 2nd, pushing Emma Pollard down to 3rd.  Emma Prest and Jackie Kildea have climbed up to take the final two top five places.  In the Men’s competition there has been no change in the top two places with Kevin Tory and Nick Montgomery still in 1st and 2nd.  Ben Derrick jumped two places into 3rd pushing Phillip Bellingham down to 4th.  The biggest mover by far was Hugh Pollard who jumped from 11th to 5th place.  There are still fewer than 12 people aged 25 and under in each of the male and female competitions, which means all who have competed in one or both events are still in the running for the cash prizes. 

The next event is the Bullfight Charge at Lake Mountain on Sunday 27 July.  Race start 11am, 8/3.5 km (Freestyle technique).  If you are pondering which distance to ski, remember the longer distances earn more points.

Any questions? Try the information at or send an enquiry to  To register follow this link



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