Howmans Gap Allstars Race Results July 12/13

The illustrious Howmans Gap Allstars conducted their annual weekend of races at Falls Creek last weekend – the Snow Trek and Travel High Plains Tour on Saturday July 12 and the YMCA Howmans Gap Victorian Interclub Relays on Sunday July 13. In brief, Paul Kovacs won the High Plains Tour 10km Freestyle by just 6 seconds after a close battle with Phillip Bellingham. Anna Trnka was the first female  in the 10km. Anthony Evans was the first male in the 5km Freestyle, just ahead of the first female Ash Kildea. In the 2.5km Freestyle Acacia Keeble was the first across the line, with Ben Neale the first male.

In the Interclub Relays it was a bit of a Birkebeiner whitewash in most classes, with Wangaratta and HGA picking up an age group title here and there.

The overall results are linked below, the age class results are also available on the HGA website.

Additional reports on the race conditions are contained in this Victorian Ski Chase update.


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  2. I think these are results from sat

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