Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase – Update

On Sunday 27th July the third of the Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase events, the Bullfight Charge, took place.  Many thanks to the Mt. Bullfight Ski Club and the Lake Mountain Alpine Resort for putting on another fun and fast event.  The hilly Lake Mountain trails give the event a unique flavour. 

The snow cover was excellent and the weather was of course perfect.  Sunny with a dry wind that kept the snow fast and crisp for almost the entire race.  The race started at Helicopter flat and took in Woollybutt and Muster trails via Echo flat.  The early hills on Woollybutt were certainly a challenge, but once they were done everything else was easy in comparison.

The interim results are here: SkiChaseResultsWomenEvent3 SkiChaseResultsMenEvent3

These results include only those people who had registered by Sunday 27th of July.  More names will be added to the results as additional people register.

In the women’s competition Zoe Beanland and Casey Wright leapt into 2nd and 4th place respectively, after some great results in the Charge. Anna Trnka still holds on to First place, but only just. With additional registrations expected from the many Ivanhoe Girls who competed, we might see some more movement in the top ten.  In the Men’s competition there has been no change in the top four except Kevin Tory is now 122 points clear being the only skier to compete in all three events.  Len Budge and Peter Holmes now move into the top ten after making up for missing the first event.  There are still fewer than 12 people aged 25 and under in each of the male and female competitions, which means all who have competed in one or more event are still in the running for the cash prizes.  Don’t be complacent though, we’re expecting a rush of registrations.

The next event is the Pub to Pub (also known as the Hotham to Dinner Plain) this Saturday (2 August).  Race start 11am, 12 km (Freestyle technique).   This is another great event so don’t miss it.

Any questions? Try the information at or send an enquiry to

To register sign up here

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