Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase – update 4

On Saturday 2nd August the fourth of the Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase events, the Hotham to Dinner Plain (also known as the Pub to Pub) took place.  Many thanks to Mick Sinclair and his team of helpers for once again putting on this great event.  It is the only point to point race in the Vic Ski Chase series, and the challenge of skiing from one resort to another certainly attracts many entrants.

The snow cover and quality was excellent and the weather outstanding.  Cold, fresh, dry snow under sunny skies.  There was even enough snow to ski across the road crossing.  What more could we ask for.

The interim results can be viewed here: SkiChaseResultsMenSkiChaseResultsWomen

These results include only those people who had registered by Sunday 3rd of August.  More names will be added to the results as additional people register.

In both the women’s and men’s competition we are starting to see some of the early leaders dropping out of the top five after missing the Hotham to Dinner Plain due to Nationals commitments at Perisher.  In the women’s competition Zoe Beanland has moved into first place with Emma Prest, Belinda Phillips, Jackie Kildea and Penny Grose all jumping up into the remaining top five places.  In the Men’s competition Kevin Tory remains on top with one extra race over his nearest rival Ben Derrick in second place.  The big movers are Len Budge, Peter Holmes and Greg Beanland who now make up the remaining top five positions.  For the first time this year we now have more than 12 people aged 25 and under in each of the male and female competitions, which means those who are no longer in the top 12 will need to take part in some of the remaining races in the series to stay in the running for the cash prizes.

There are three events this coming weekend at Mt. Stirling (Saturday, 11 AM, Stirling Silver Hill Climb), Mt Baw Baw (Sunday, 10:30 AM, Tullicoutty/St. Phillack Cup) and Falls Creek (Sunday, 10:30 AM, Rocky Valley Rush/ Sun Valley Ramble).  With so many locations to choose from there’s an event for everyone.  After this weekend the final event of the series will only be two weeks away, and that’s the Hoppet/Birkebeiner/Joey.  So to maximise your points and increase your chances of winning the prizes, make sure you turn up to as many events as you can.

Any questions? Try the information at or send an enquiry to


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