Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase Grand Prize presentation

This morning at Westerfolds Park Melbourne, Diane Bloom the winner of the 2014 Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase grand prize, was presented by Ski Chase organiser  Kevin Tory with her brand new pair of v07 PLUS Skikes.  After the presentation Di and husband Carter were soon to try out the new skikes. They joined other skiking first timers Amy and Simon (accompanied by 1 yo daughter Zoe) for a skike instruction and skill coaching session with Len, and some help from skikers Kevin, Paul and Marshall.  The beginners (but experienced XC skiers)  spent a little bit of time mastering the basics before heading out onto the trails, where they got to try out the Skikes on a range of surfaces.  Luckily the early morning showers had cleared and the sun came out to sufficiently dry up even the bush tracks to enable some enjoyable off track ski touring.  You will see from the smiles in the attached pictures that lots of fun was had, and just like on snow, the usual rest stop chatting was engaged in by everyone. Simon commented that he observed how much everyone’s mastery of skiking improved between the start and the end of the session. Di was pleased how close skiking is to on snow skiing. Carter and Di headed off home trying to resolve how they were going to share one pair of skikes.141101_Kevin & Di 101233c 141101_Amy 113122c 141101_Di 112518c 141101_Len, Amy & Di 114133c 2141101 The group in the bush_112910c 20141101_112625 141101_Di & Len 113413c_cropped


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