The Countdown

Half an Adventure

It is now one month  three weekstwo weeks  five days exactly before I leave on my next adventure. Goodness I’ve been terrible with getting this post written. I started writing on the 18th of October, but then exams got in the way…

Anyway, this time the trip will be extremely long. To save you reading the rest of the post, I’m heading over to Germany for seven months, coming home in June, skiing the Australian winter, and then going back over until early 2016. Thanks for reading, goodnight.

In more detail, this post will give a bit of a recap of the Australian winter, and a little more detail of my plans for the next year. Of course, it will be thematically organised:


Because of the name of this blog, I feel almost obliged to put the ‘adventures’ category first. Of course, life’s an adventure, but…

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