2014/2015 National Team Announcement

The SSA Cross Country Committee is pleased to announce the official National Teams for 2014/2015. A total of 22 athletes have been named to the World Cup, Continental Cup, U23 and Junior Teams, nearly all of whom will head overseas during the summer to represent Australia in international competition.

World Cup Team
– Phillip Bellingham, 23 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Esther Bottomley, 31 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Aimee Watson, 27 (NSW, Cooma Ski Club)
– Callum Watson, 25 (NSW, Cooma Ski Club)
– Jessica Yeaton, 23 (WA, APU Ski Club)

Continental Cup Team
– Paul Kovacs, 24 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Anna Trnka, 20 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Casey Wright, 19 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)

U23 Team
– Jackson Bursill, 21 (NSW, NSWXC)
– Nick Montgomery, 21 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Anna Trnka, 20 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Casey Wright, 19 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)

Junior Team
– Stella Ajani, 17 (VIC, Team Ivanhoe)
– Matthew Bull, 16 (NSW, NSWXC)
– Liam Burton, 16 (NSW, Cooma Ski Club)
– Finlay Clarke, 16, (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Xanthea Dewez, 19 (VIC, Wangaratta Ski Club)
– Gabrielle Hawkins, 16 (NSW, NSWXC)
– Damon Morton, 18 (NSW, Boonoona Ski Club)
– Darcie Morton, 14 (NSW, NSWXC)
– Katerina Paul, 18 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Hamish Roberts, 18 (ACT, NSWXC)
– Hugh Pollard, 17 (VIC, Birkebeiner NSC)
– Abe Wright, 18 (VIC, Victorian XC Squad)

Joining the four Sochi 2014 Winter Olympians (Phillip Bellingham, Callum Watson, Esther Bottomley and Aimee Watson) on the World Cup Team is Jessica Yeaton*, who recently changed nation from the USA. Bellingham, Bottomley and Callum Watson will race on the World Cup in December, while Aimee Watson and Yeaton will likely join the World Cup circuit in February. The biggest event of the season will be the 2015 World Championship in Falun, Sweden.

The Junior Team has had a major boost, with eight new athletes making their team debut. “In the last two years our junior and U23 athletes have really stepped it up so it’s great to see that there’s good depth following behind”, said National Team Head Coach Finn Marsland. “At least four athletes from our 2013 World Junior Championship Team will be competing in Falun 2015 so we are getting good flow through to the senior ranks.”

Progress through the season can be followed on the AUSXC website and also via team/athlete Twitter updates and athlete blogs on the right-hand side of the page. Donations to the team can be made via the XC Towards 2018 campaign.

*Note – Yeaton was provisionally invited to join the Continental Cup Team in September, however the selection panel had overlooked her results from the USA earlier in the year.


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