A Challenging Start or, My Year in a Beautiful German Village, Part 1

Half an Adventure

In the past two years, I have arrived in Europe to half a metre of fresh snow, cold temperatures, a group of people I know really well, and we have been on snow training the morning after arrival, preparing for races only a week or two away. My arrival this time has been characterised by a visit to the doctor, lots of antibiotics and ibuprofen, IKEA, no snow in sight and 14 degree daytime temperatures.


I mentioned in my last post that I’d been sick for a while and was finding it pretty frustrating. The last time I trained properly was on the 5th of November, after which I had some sort of virus which prevented me training. A week later I tried training again, only to get a sore throat again, which I didn’t closely examine until a few days later, where I found bacterial tonsillitis. I got on…

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