Five Australians Compete in West Yellowstone USA

The USA’s national racing circuit began today with a skate sprint in West Yellowstone, Montana. The top Australian results were Paul Kovacs who finished 43rd out of 232 in the men’s event and Jessica Yeaton who finished 28th out of 99 in the female event.

Six current and former Australian Ski Team members are basing themselves in the USA this winter. They are Jessica Yeaton, Casey Wright, Kat Paul, Paul Kovacs, Mark Pollock and Alasdair Tutt. All but Alasdair are in West Yellowstone to compete in the opening races.

Tomorrow’s race is an individual start skate distance race. 10km for ladies, 15km for the men.

West Yellowstone Skate Sprint – Results


  1. Benjamine Saxton, USA, 2:29
  2. Dakota Blackhorse-Von Jess, CAN, 2:29
  3. Andy Shields, CAN, 2:31
  4. Miles Havlick, USA, 2:31
  5. Mads Stroem, NOR, 2:32
  1. Paul Kovacs, AUS, 2:42
  1. Mark Pollack, AUS, 2:51

232 finishers


  1. Heidi Widmer, CAN, 2:54
  2. Annie Pokorny, USA, 2:55
  3. Alysson Marshall, CAN, 2:56
  4. Rosie Brennan, USA, 2:56
  5. Caitlin Patterson, USA, 2:57
  1. Jessica Yeaton, AUS, 3:07
  1. Casey Wright, AUS, 3:08
  1. Kat Paul, AUS, 3:13 (18th Junior)

99 finishers

*Results taken from

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