Paul Kovacs and Jessica Yeaton Top 30 in West Yellowstone.

Paul Kovacs (PK) achieved his first top 30 result of the season in the 15km skate super-tour event in West Yellowstone, USA. PK finished in 28th place 2:44 behind winner Matt Gelso and only three seconds behind former USA national champion Tyler Kornfield.

The West Yellowstone Super-Tour is the opening event of the USA national race circuit and attracts competitors from across the USA, Canada and beyond. This is PKs third year competing in the event. His 28th place is well up on his 55th place in 2013 and his 75th in 2012.

Also competing was former Australian Team member Mark Pollock who is training in America with the hope of re-qualifying for the Australian Team and gaining selection to the World U23 Championships. Mark finished 84th out of the 97 competitors.

In the women’s 10km skate event Australia was represented by Jessica Yeaton who finished in 24th place as well as Casey Wright who finished 54th and Kat Paul who finished 61st out of 84. Jessica has finished as high as 8th in this event in previous years however the 24th place is still a very solid result at this early stage of the season. For Casey and Kat who finished 36th and 49th in the sprint the day before this was great experience racing against some great competitors and a unique experience racing above 2000m.

Results – Men’s 15km Skate

  1. Matt Gelso, USA, 36:20
  2. Brian Gregg, CAN, 36:29
  3. Mads Stroem, NOR, 36:32
  4. Kris Freeman, USA, 36:38
  5. Tad Elliot, USA, 37:03

28. Paul Kovacs, AUS, 39:04

  1. Mark Pollock, AUS, 44:36

97 finishers

Results – Women’s 10km Skate

  1. Rosie Brennan, USA, 26:59
  2. Katherine Ogden, USA, 27:08
  3. Chelsea Holmes, USA, 27:26
  4. Caitlin Patterson, USA, 27:42
  5. Mary Rose, USA, 27:54Bottom of Form

24. Jessica Yeaton, AUS, 28:19

  1. Casey Wright, AUS, 31:05

61. Kat Paul, AUS, 31:40

84 finishers


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