Bellingham set for 2015 Tour de Ski

The 2015 FIS Tour de Ski is set to start on January 3 and Phillip Bellingham will be the sole Australian representative for the second year in a row. Snow has arrived just in time to put a natural cover on top of the artificial snow lining the tracks in Oberstdorf, Germany, the host of the first two stages.
This edition of the Tour has seven stages in a 9-day period, however the plan is for Bellingham to complete just the first three stages before heading up to Sweden for Scandinavian Cup races at the World Championship venue in Falun. His main event in the Tour is the third stage Freestyle Sprint in Val Mustair in Switzerland.
“I’m really looking forward to the sprint in Mustair and hoping to find some form to give the top 30 a shake”, said Bellingham from Davos where he has been training since the last World Cup before Christmas. “But first I’ll have to ski damn fast to make the cut-off time in the first two stages, especially the 15k classic pursuit if it’s on a short loop.” The Tour has time limits for each stage to deter athletes from coasting through to their favourite events, and also an overlapping rule for the multi-lap events.

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The joys of sea level.

Paul Kovacs. Elite Cross-Country Skier

It’s 9:00am as I step out of the car at Hillside and join the APU athletes milling at the trail head. It might as well be midnight, there isn’t a hint of sun as we stand under lights that are spaced roughly 20 meters apart down the trail. It’s the last intervals session for the team before heading down south to US nationals. The group is super relaxed, joking and swapping Christmas stories. Then, en mass they head out to warm up on the trails. A mass of blue and black colored athletes gliding through the shadows. It’s go time. Serious training business is to be done!

Some of the trees on the trail are cover in ornaments. It's hard to see but most of these trees have some Some of the trees on the trail are covered in ornaments. It’s hard to see but most of these trees have some

Checking out the snowmaking guns on the nordic trails Checking out the snowmaking guns on the nordic trails.

My time in Alaska has come to and end. I have spent…

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Esther Bottomley Podiums in Campra Swiss Cup, Jackson Bursill top 20

Esther Bottomley and Jackson Bursill raced in the Campra FIS Swiss Cup which was held on the 28/29 December. The event consisted of a classic sprint on Sunday and a 7.5/15km skate on Monday. Esther gained her highest finish and first podium of the season finishing 3rd in the sprint race while Jackson’s top finish was 17th in the sprint which was his first international top 20 finish.

Esther Bottomley Australian cross country skiing athlete Esther Bottomley poses during a national team portrait session on September 8, 2013 in Falls Creek, Australia.

Skiing takes commerce student cross-country

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Don’t Need to Dream of a White Christmas  

AUSXC Junior Development Tour

On Christmas day in 1941, Bing Crosby sang the first public of performance of his song, ‘White Christmas.’ The lyrics of this song have invited people all over the world to associate the holiday of Christmas with glistening treetops and sleigh bells in the snow. Back in Australia it’s a bit of a different story, with temperatures climbing into the high thirties, families exchanging presents poolside and banquets of seafood, Pavlova and enough beers to satisfy a whole pub of thirsty Germans at Oktoberfest.

Silverstar christmas Silverstar christmas

This year, our team was lucky enough to experience our very own white Christmas full of traditional food, knitted Christmas jumpers and of course a bit of skiing on the side.

Our Christmas experience began with our trip to Vernon’s largest thrift store on the hunt for the most pleasingly distasteful jumpers we could find. As Borat would say it was a ‘GREAT SUCCESS,’…

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Merry Christmas from Silver Star

Much of the ski world is lacking snow this winter; not so the AUSXC juniors in Canada who send this Christmas greeting from Silver Star:


Did you pack your headlamp?

Paul Kovacs. Elite Cross-Country Skier

Well what a difference a week can make. In Bozeman things were looking grim, and then in the space of 36 hours, winter turned on the jets and we got covered in a blanket of snow. Going from barely any snow to great skiing is always a huge energy boost and makes me eager to head out the door each day to train!

Out enjoying the Bozeman trails with one of my BSF teammates. Out enjoying the Bozeman trails with one of my BSF teammates. 

Home looking awesome! Home looking awesome!

Winter! Winter!

After a week of awesome training I packed my bags and boarded a flight to Alaska to spend the holiday season with my girlfriend and her family. As an added bonus there was some races I could jump in, but I’ll get to that later.

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A Summary of Adventures

Jessica Yeaton

I have been meaning to set up a blog with all my “free” time over the past couple months. But as it would turn out the life of a professional skier is busier than I had imagined; I have been living in a whirlwind of training, racing, and travel. The minute I get settled down in one place its time to pack up and leave for the next. It is an exciting lifestyle that keeps me on my toes, and it has really taught me to appreciate the individual beauty of each place I spend time.

Since so much has happened since my official transition to professional ski racing, I will have to summarize the past couple months. Luckily I have lots of photos, which of course are worth a thousand words each 🙂

I graduated in May after 4 amazing years at MSU in Bozeman:


(Bern and I with…

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They’re set. Racing!

Half an Adventure

That’s right folks, despite the Alps having perhaps their worst December ever for snow conditions, I managed to ski on real snow, albeit produced by a snow cannon, outdoors. Regardless of the snow situation, my adventures continue:


Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the first races of the Alpen Cup, the Continental Cup series for central and western Europe. This means that the best elite skiers, apart from those racing in World Cup that weekend, from countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France were present. In addition, people from many other countries turn up, including World Championship and Olympic medal winners like Alexey Poltoranin (Kazakhstan), Ilia Chernousov (Russia) and Justyna Kowalczyk (Poland). Apparently 26 nations were represented on the weekend, with almost 500 racers across all divisions competing on Sunday. Basically, it was big, and very competitive.

This guy is actually wearing a one-piece lycra suit. I had to snap a photo as he went past! This guy is actually wearing a one-piece lycra suit. I had to…

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Paul Kovacs 16th in FIS Besh Cup Distance Race


Paul Kovacs finished his pre-Christmas racing block with a 16th place in the 15km skate event held in Anchorage as part of the Besh Cup series.

Out of a field of 87 skiers PK gained his second top 20 in two days finishing 2:58 behind winner Scott Patterson from APU and only one second behind former US Junior Champion Logan Hanneman. Continue reading

Race Report #1 + some Ice Hockey Action

AUSXC Junior Development Tour

Friday the 19th of December saw three of our athlete’s race in the Nor-Am Cup classic sprint, hosted by Sovereign Lake. The Nor-Am (or North American) Cup is one of the competitions organised by the International Ski Federation, taking place in various locations across Northern America. The race also provides athletes with the chance to qualify for larger competitions like World Juniors Championships and World Cup events. The sprint course was a 1km loop around the stadium, consisting of two main climbs and some tricky corners, definitely new challenges that have not been experienced back home in AUS.

Our three athletes, Stella Ajani, Matthew Bull and Finlay Clarke, competed in the junior boys and girls sections. Despite minimal time on skis the athletes managed to produce some amazing results even with tough competition. Big thanks to the rest of the team whose cheering was a huge help for the…

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