Callum Watson improves World Cup standing on a day dominated by Norway

Callum Watson (pictured) is only three minutes and fourteen seconds behind the leader after day two of the Lillihammer World Cup Mini Tour. Callum started the day in 108th position however after skiing a fantastic 10km skate has been able to move up seven places to 101st. This day to day improvement shows Callum has been able to maintain a solid fitness base despite spending much of the pre-season recovering from a major injury. Although Callum would hope to be further up the results list he would be happy with the early signs and excited about the prospects of improvement later in the year


Unfortunately for Phillip Bellingham his 10km skate results saw him slide down the results list after finishing over a minute behind Callum. There is no such thing as an easy World Cup event and there is nowhere to hide if things are not going 100%. Phillip will look to bounce back next weekend in the Davos World Cup in Switzerland.

Overall it was Norway, Norway and Norway in both the men’s and women’s event. Great British skier Andrew Musgrave has also been having a fantastic Mini Tour and is currently sitting in 10th overall after finishing 35 seconds behind the winner in the 10km skate. Musgrave will go into the final stage ranked in front of such champion skiers as Dario Cologna, Peter Northug Jr and Alexander Legkov.

10km Results

1. Martin Sundby, NOR, 22:55.8

2. Finn Haagen Krogh, NOR, 22:58.0

3. Sjur Roethe, NOR, 23:02.2

4. Calle Halfvarsson, SWE, 23:03.7

5. Niklas Dyrhaug, NOR, 23:!4.7

13. Andrew Musgrave, GBR, 23:30.7

99. Callum Watson, AUS, 25:26.2

109. Phillip Bellingham, AUS, 26:38.6

110 Finishers

Overall after Day 2

1. Finn Haagen Krogh, NOR, 25:50.3

2. Martin Sundby, NOR, 26:10.6

3. Paal Golberg, NOR, 26:16.9

4. Sjur Roethe, NOR, 26:17.9

5. Calle Halfvarsson, SWE, 26:18.0

10. Andrew Musgrave, GBR, 26:49.2

101. Callum Watson, AUS, 29:04.0

108 left in the standing after 119 started on day 1

Women’s 5km Results

1. Therese Johaug, NOR, 12:33.7

2. Marit Bjoergen, NOR, 12:34.0

3. Heidi Weng, NOR, 12:44.6

4. Charlotte Kalla, SWE, 12:45.0

5. Ragnhild Haga, NOR, 12:56.4

94 starters

Women’s Overall Results after Day 2

1. Marit Bjoergen, NOR, 15:01.5

2. Heidi Weng, NOR, 15:21.4

3. Therese Johaug, NOR, 15:33.6

4. Ragnhild Haga, NOR, 15:47.6

5. Ingvild Oestberg, NOR, 15:47.7

90 left in the standing after 96 started on day 1.

Full results available on at


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