Casey Wright Top 30 in Bozeman Super Tour USA, Kat Paul 3rd Junior in qualifying

The USA Super Tour continued this weekend in Bozeman, Montana. Five Australians competed in the classic sprint which was held Saturday morning local time. Casey Wright achieved the highest placing of the Australians finishing in 24th place. This is Casey’s first top 30 Super Tour finish. Katerina Paul qualified in 31st overall and was the third junior in qualifying. Jessica Yeaton finished in 35th.

In the men’s event Paul Kovacs and Mark Pollock were a little off the pace finishing in 42nd and 50th respectively. Both will be looking for a big improvement in tomorrow’s 15km classic individual start.

Preliminary Results – women’s qualifying

1. Rosie Brennan, USA

2. Alysson Marshall, CAN

3. Natalja Naryshkina, RUS

4. Jennie Bender, USA

5. Kaitlynn Miller, USA

24. Casey Wright, AUS

31. Kat Paul, AUS (3rd Junior)

35. Jessica Yeaton, AUS

63 starters, 19 juniors (times not available at time of print)

Preliminary Results – men’s qualifying

1. Eric Packer, USA, 3:13

2. Rune Oedegaard, NOR, 3:16

3. Miles Havlivk, USA, 3:18

4. Dakota Blackhorse-Von Jess, USA, 3:18

5. Tyler Kornfield, USA, 3:18

42. Paul Kovacs, AUS, 3:35

50. Mark Pollock, AUS, 3:40

83 starters

Results taken from:



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